An American comming to terms with all that means.


@2001 Hamhouke, All Rights Reserved

Hamhouke grew up the oldest of two brothers in a happy active-duty Air-Force family.  Blessed with two loving and attentive parents and the relatively stable socio-economic lifestyle the military provides, he was sheltered from racism, sexism, violent neighbourhoods, drugs, unemployment, and lack of medical care.  After serving an enlistment in the US Army, he returned to his native Texas and lived for 14 years in the DFW area.  Without the sheltered environment of military discipline, common purpose, equality of opportunity and altruism of service, he was forced to rethink the America he thought he knew, warts and all.

Hamhouke now lives in Kansas with his wife and pets and is in his late 30s.

This blog is his attempt to encourage others to look deeper into what is important to them about the America we make.  This experiment in democracy is fragile and precious.  History, the world, and future generations of Americans, will judge us by the thought and effort we put into it today.  It is our hope that our union becomes as great as our potential for goodness, that our neighbours enjoy our companionship, and that a government by the people and for the people shall not perish from the Earth.


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