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On Saudi Women Drivers, Fundamentalism, and Why We Should Care.

I have been watching articles today about the driving protest in Saudi Arabia where women are “tearing apart the fabric of Saudi society” – according to Wahhabi muslim clerics.

What are they doing? Daring to drive a car – the licentious whores.

You see, in the Saudi Kingdom, there is no separation of church and state. Saudis are highly educated. Many are extremely wealthy. It is not some back-water civilization. But it is a theocratic and deeply misogynistic one. The combination is no coincidence.

All the Abrahamic faiths are deeply misogynistic at their root. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all originate from what Christians would call the “Old Testament”. Those texts define women as the property of their fathers, husbands, slave masters, or male relatives. They define these attitudes as moral – prescribed by the creator of the universe as just and right. So it follows naturally that societies that use these texts as sources for their moral compass oppress women as a mater of course.

In Saudi Arabia, a particularly pious mutation of Islam called Wahhabism runs the show. Roughly translated, it means “fundamentalist”. Where have you heard that before? The result of the influence of these clerics is indefensible.

Setting aside the fact that the 9/11 hijackers and countless other Islamic terrorists all come from Saudi Wahhabism, so too does a host of other barbaric injustices visited on Saudi women as a mater of law, today.

Saudi women may not go into public without a close male relative, or ride a bicycle for the purpose of transportation. They must get the permission of a male family member to marry, and cannot visit stores deemed harmful to their virtue (like music stores). What happens when they do?

The religious police beat them with batons or they are whipped publicly in the streets.

Let that sink in a while. Without the protection of a secular constitution that uses the power of the state to protect people from fundamentalists – even in a rich, modern, and educated country, you find yourselves being beaten in the street (or worse) for doing anything a holy man does not like.

The articles on the Saudi protest are all over the web today. Google it and read the defense the clerics give to justify their misogyny. Then, do another search. Search for fundamentalist, conservative, dominionist, and ironically-named “free-will” Baptist websites in this country.

Go ahead, I will wait…

Notice any similarities? If you change the name “Allah” to “God” you just might. Make no mistake about it. The cries of persecution we hear from these groups (the majority group, no less) are crocodile tears.

Their agenda is the same as the Wahhabi. Join us or die, here or in eternity. And not satisfied with that, they tell you that your sin (that they made up) will so anger their god that he will inflict devastation on everyone if you don’t do what *his* followers tell you to do. So, even if we must whip women in the streets for buying a Madonna album, or drag a homosexual behind a truck on a chain, or hang 19 people and press a 20th to death over an unsubstantiated accusation of witchcraft, that is the moral thing to do. It has to be done. It is the ultimate will of a just and holy god.